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June 2006

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Fan Fiction

Okay, for all of you over at the patrick_emmy community, you've most likely seen this story before. It's an Emmy/Patrick fan fic called "Tonight." If you would like to, reviews, especially concrit, would be much appreciated.
The story is under the cut.

A/N: I do not own the song “Tonight,” Leonard Bernstein does. Also, just in case anyone asks, I was never at the New York premiere. My story of falling in love with the 2004 POTO shall come at another time and place. Now here’s the story!


Tonight, tonight
Won't be just any night.
Tonight there will be no
Morning star.

Emmy Rossum was singing this song as she was getting ready for the New York premiere of Phantom of the Opera. Even though she had someone help her get her dress on, she had insisted on getting her shoes and makeup on alone so she could think.

Tonight, tonight,
I'll see my love tonight,
And for us, stars will stop
Where they are.

The best part about the coming evening, though, would be seeing Patrick Wilson. Patrick at once warmed her heart and sent chills down her spine. She loved everything about him, his sweet blue eyes, his devilish smile, and his musical voice and laugh. I wish the stars could stop just for Patrick and me, Emmy thought.

Today, the minutes 
Seem like hours,
The hours pass so slowly,
And still, the sky is light.

O, moon, grow bright,
And make this endless day
Endless night

Never had Emmy felt this part of the song more than now. She not only wanted to see Patrick; she longed to see him, longed to hold him, to talk to him. But it seemed so long until the premiere that it might never happen.
Today, the world 
Was just an address,
A place for me to live in,
No better than alright.
But here you are,
And what was just a world
Is a star

Finally, the premiere had come. Emmy and Patrick walked out onto the red carpet arm in arm. The couple only left each other a few times to talk to the press and sign some autographs.

Then they went inside the theater with everybody else to see the movie. All of the actors were anxious to see the fruits of their labors, and the movie didn't disappoint them.

During the movie, Patrick kissed Emmy on the lips. Then he said, "If to love is to receive a glimpse of heaven, then I'm with the saints and angels right now." Emmy squeezed his hand three times for "I love you," and Patrick squeezed hers four times for "I love you, too." Emmy couldn't be happier.

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